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Activities of Daily Living (ADLS) Everyday functions and activities people usually are able to do without help.  Includes bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring (moving in and out of bed, chair or wheelchair).

At-Home Care Services and supplies provided in one’s own home, for example health care, respite care or hospice care.

Caregiver Training  A program designed to train an informal caregiver (spouse, adult child, relative, or friend) who provides care so that a person can remain at home instead of entering a long term care facility.  This type of training is provided by home care agencies or home health care professionals.

CNA Certified Nursing Assistant

CNHA Certified Nursing Health Aide

Cognitive Impairment A deficit in a person’s ability to think, reason or remember.  Disruption in a person’s sense of time or place, abstract thinking or judgement as it relates to safety awareness.

Medically Necessary Care Services and supplies that are required by a patient’s condition and ordered by a supervising medical professional. It does not include treatment provided solely for someone’s convenience.  Nor does it include care that exceeds the scope, duration or intensity needed to provide safe, adequate and appropriate care.

Skilled Nursing Care Nursing and rehabilitative care that can only be performed by, or under the supervision of, a skilled, licensed medical personnel.


Happier In My Home, Inc. is proud to be a Member of the following organizations:

National Private Duty Association

National Care Planning Council

Massachusetts Care Planning Council

Bristol County Estate Planning Council

SAFE (Southeastern Alliance For the Elderly)

United Regional Chamber of Commerce

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